Advanced Phylogeographic Visualization
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EvoLaps is a user-friendly web application designed to visualize the spatial and temporal spread of pathogens. It takes as entry an annotated tree, such as a maximum clade credibility tree obtained through continuous phylogeographic inference. By following a 'Top-Down' reading of a tree from the root to its leaves recursively, transitions (latitude/longitude changes from a node to its children) are represented on a cartographic background using graphical paths. The complete set of paths forms the phylogeographic scenario. A raw reading of these transitions produces complex scenarios, and EvoLaps helps to analyze them with:

    multiple graphical variables with time-dependent gradients
    for enhanced paths display,
    cross-highlighting and selection
    between the phylogeographic scenario and the phylogenetic tree,
    of localities into spatial clusters for the production of specific spatio-temporal scales and synthetic views ,
    of the phylogeographic scenario using tree brushing,
    • an
    evolving library
    of additional visualization and processing tools.