• these documentation (www.evolaps.org/evolapsdocs) is under construction.
  • The 'Tutorial' section will be gradually enriched with case studies.
  • The 'Interface' section details each component of the EvoLaps interface along with their controls.
  • The 'How-to' section covers tasks such as using the selection brush to swiftly create a series of frames that visualize successive stages of dispersal in both time and space.
  • The 'Media' section features a series of videos illustrating EvoLaps analyses.
  • Warning

  • Do not hesitate to contact me (francois.chevenet@ird.fr) if you detect any bugs or if you need additional functionalities to be integrated into EvoLaps.
  • 'Shift' load EvoLaps to refresh the cache of the navigator. Hold down the 'Shift' key while clicking the reload button, or 'command' key (or CTRL key) + R
  • API

    Icon8 D3 Leaflet jscolor Leaflet-Heat Leaflet-Arrowheads jQuery Bezier.js svg-exportJS Kmeans PapaParse