• 2024/01 Bug
    • The geographic map is not resizable under Safari Version 17.2.1 (19617. / macOS Sonoma 14.2.1
  • 2024/01 EvoLaps publication in Virus Evolution
  • 2023/12 EvoLaps Docs updated
    • EvoLaps Docs is under constrcution, the 'tutorial #1' has been updated
  • 2023/12 New EvoLaps article published in Virus Evolution
  • 2023/12 EvoLaps v2.42
    • graphical user interface revision
  • 2023/12 EvoLaps v2.41
    • annotation: tree annotation with leaf's labels
    • annotation: additional 2D layer for the geographic map (eg adding incidence maps)
  • 2023/12 EvoLaps v2.40
    • new web section for documentation of EvoLaps, EvoLaps Docs will be gradually updated and enriched with tutorials and case studies
  • 2023/12 EvoLaps citation
    Spatio-temporal spread of Lassa virus and a new rodent host in the Mano River Union area, West Africa Umaru Bangura, Christopher Davis, Joyce Lamin, James Bangura, Barré Soropogui, Andrew J. Davison, Jenna Nichols, Matej Vucak, Mickael Dawson, Rashid Ansumana, Dianah Sondufu, Dániel Cadar, Toni Rieger, Emma Thomson, Foday Sahr, N’Faly Magassouba, Bruno Ghersi, Brian H. Bird & Elisabeth Fichet-Calvet (2023) Emerging Microbes & Infections, DOI: 10.1080/22221751.2023.2290834